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eBook Formatting for Authors Who Want the Best

Are your readers worth more than a plain vanilla eBook, thrown together by an automated conversion system?

Do they deserve the best?

If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these questions, then you need to try our eBook formatting services. If you want your eBook to stand up against mainstream publishers, then put your best foot forward with a professionally designed product your readers will appreciate.

With our standard services, you get chapter headings, drop caps, ornamental scene breaks, choice of fonts, and inline images (up to 9), and all for a reasonable price.


Guaranteed eBook Formatting

If you don’t like our eBook formatting, you don’t pay. This is all assuming we accept the book for formatting. If the file is in bad shape, we might not accept it, but if we do, it’s guaranteed.

What I need:

  • cover image (size should equal the largest requirements by the retailer) To be safe, we suggest about 1,880 x 2,,500 pixels.
  • author name
  • publisher name
  • ISBN
  • language

The above is mostly for metadata that will be embedded into your book. Another way to enhance discoverability.

Questions to Answer for eBook Formatting

  1. Do you want header images? (If you use header images, make sure they aren’t too large, as Amazon charges download fees per megabyte—unless you use Pronoun, which you can read about in my new book on eBook distribution.)
  2. Want the same header image throughout? Or do you plan on using different ones?
    • If different, where?
  3. Any other images? Where? And which images? You need to send them. And remember, images for eBooks should be small, to save size. Images for print need to be much larger so they look good on the page.
  4. Scene breaks? What kind?
  5. Drop caps?
  6. Font? (Many to choose from.)
  7. Front and back matter? (Author bio, Also by, acknowledgments, etc.)
  8. Do you want chapters to start on right page only?
  9. Copyright page, or information to put on it.

What do I mean by a header image? The following screenshot is what my upcoming fantasy book will look like.

eBook formatting

The title you see on the screenshot (Sethian Plots) is obviously the chapter title. The image below that is the book cover. The text below that is information that defines the setting—place and time for that chapter. And the text starting with the large ‘L’ in script format is using a drop cap to start the paragraph off. That could be changed to any number of looks.

In most of my mystery books—which are written in mixed POVs—I use an image of a badge or bullet for the chapters when they are from the detective’s POV (usually first person), and an image of a gun when the chapter is from the villain’s POV (usually third person).

Back & Front Matter

  • author bio.
  • ‘Also by’ information.
  • acknowledgments
  • dedication, if you’re going to have one.
  • introduction, if you’re going to have one.
  • Prologue, if you have one.
  • anything else, besides a chapter.

Store links:

You will need to provide the links to the following:

*   Amazon  
*   Apple  
*   B&N  
*   Kobo  
*   Google  

Do you want generic epub also? If so, which link do you want to use? One to a page on your website?

Other material Needed for Your eBook Formatting

  1. Need .docx file for the manuscript.
  2. Image for cover. Size noted above.
  3. Any other images. Recommended sizes noted above.
  4. Back and front material.


0–20,000 words—$50
20,000–30,000 words—$60
30,000–40,000 words—$70
40,000 –50,000 words—$80
50,000 — 100,000 words… $100
For more than 100,000 words, or for any other questions related to eBook formatting, send an email to inquire about pricing.

The Above Price Includes:

  • Generic epub, in addition to separate files for Kindle, Apple, Kobo, B&N, Google (with separate and appropriate store links)
  • Up to nine images (header image for all chapters counts as two, so whether you have four or fifty chapters, it only counts as two images.)
  • Separate header images for different POVs, will be additional.
  • Ornamental scene breaks—no charge
  • Drop caps—no charge


I realize that some services or distributors might do a Word conversion for nothing; however, this is not an automatic conversion or a quick-fix solution. This is done by hand and is checked against iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, Kindle Paperwhite, Kobo, Nook, and Google.

In addition, links are intelligently steered toward the appropriate store, so that a link mentioning where to buy your other books, will be directed to Amazon on Kindle, Apple (iBooks) for the Apple version, and so on. You could also produce a generic ePub with a link to a central spot, like a page on your website.


No lengthy wait times. Most work is done within 2–3 days.

All work is guaranteed. If you don’t like it, you don’t pay.


This is huge! If you are not satisfied with the work, you pay nothing. As simple as that. We are so confident that you will love the book that we make this guarantee.

Final Word of Advice

In lieu of paying for formatting, if you have access to a MAC, you could always do it yourself. Read my book on eBook formatting and see how easy it is.


For more information, or to get your book formatted, email me


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