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Mystery Books

For all of my mystery books (and non-fiction books), you can go to these sites to buy them. (A few of these books are not out yet, but will be soon.)

The mystery books are rich in character development and they are definitely ‘gritty’, meaning there is language of the streets and occasional violence. If this is objectionable to you, you should probably not read them. The novellas (A Hard Life, Promises Kept, and Finding Family) are stories about characters that appear in the mystery books. They are short (usually less than 100 pages) and they consist mostly of the early life of those characters. One is about Dominic Mangini (Finding Family), another about Number Two (Promises Kept), and the recently released, A Hard Life, about Tip Denton, one of the detectives in the Blood Flows South series.

The non-fiction books are typically brief and humorous (I hope) and ideally, they are informative.

As with all of my books – they’re guaranteed. If you don’t like what you read, send me a receipt and I’ll either give you another book (digital only) or refund your money.

The books are listed below by series and genre. The book covers are also shown, though not necessarily in a corresponding manner. You can click on any of the store links below to purchase whichever book you want. Sribd, XinXii, Smashwords, and StreetLib do not carry all the books, at least not yet.

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Friendship & Honor Series

Murder Takes Time, Book 1

Murder Has Consequences, Book 2

Murder Takes Patience, Book 3 (2014)

Murder Is Invisible, Book 4 (2017)

Blood Flows South

A Bullet For Carlos, Book 1

Finding Family, the Beginning

A Bullet From Dominic, Book 2

A Hard Life

Redemption SeriesOld Wounds, a Redemption Novel

Necessary Decisions

Old Wounds (2014)

Promises Kept (2016)

Premeditated (2015)


Promises Kept, The Story of Number Two

Mystery With a SF Twist
Memories For Sale

Memories For Sale

 Science Fiction

The Joshua Citadel

 The Joshua Citadel

Fantasy Series

Rules of Vengeance











No Mistakes ResumesNo Mistakes Interviews

No Mistakes Careers

No Mistakes Resumes, Book 1

No Mistakes Interviews, Book 2

No Mistakes Hiring, Book 3 (coming soon)

No Mistakes Networking, Book 4View everything related to Giacomo’s No Mistakes Career series and services at his website: No

 Other No Mistakes Series

No Mistakes Grammar (for adults)

No MIstakes Grammar, Volume I, Misused Words

 Wordiness No MIstakes Grammar, Volume II, Misused Words for Business

list of common redundancies 





No Mistakes Publishing


eBook Distribution






No Mistakes Writing

learn a new system for writing shortcuts

editing your book


Sanctuary Tales Series

true stories from an animal sanctuary






Other Non-Fiction

what to do after retirement


Uneducated book showing education


Life on the Farm for Kids Series


children's book





No Mistakes Grammar for Kids











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