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Giacomo & SlickJim (Giacomo) Giammatteo has had a successful 30 year career as a headhunter, recruiting top talent for some of the world’s best companies—Apple, Johnson & Johnson, Abbott Laboratories, and many high-profile start-up companies.

He is the author of Choosing a Self-Publishing Service, a comprehensive analysis of companies that service the self-publishing marketplace. In addition to “Choosing”, Giacomo has written fiction and non-fiction books that have achieved bestseller status (whatever the hell that means). For the past several years, Giacomo has delved into the business of publishing, learning the ins and outs of the companies and services that cater to the self-publishing market.

The secrets to evaluating vendors is the same as recruiting, something Giacomo has done for 30 years—all you need to do is know what to look for and conduct deep references.

Choosing a Self-Publishing Service will give you a good start on what you need and will help you navigate the obstacles you’re bound to run across on your publishing journey.

Links to where you can buy the book are at the bottom of this post, and here. If you’re a member of the Alliance of Independent Authors, it’s free; if not, it will only cost you about two cups of coffee. I guarantee it will save you a lot more than that.


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choosing a self-publishing service, book by giacomo giammatteo and mick rooney, edited by orna ross




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